Nice hat Mickey.

Delores says how do I get back home?

John Paron just in from Havanna w/o his cigars..

John Koonce & Kermit

Ron & Faith Goodroad

Twlia, what are you doing?

John Baumhofer getting ready for the 60 year reunion.

Mickey & Minnie Norbeck

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Now that's how we hide curlers.

Michele Kendall still has her big smile.

John McClure - class bowling champ.

Stanley Trelstad attempting to do a selfie.

Marlene Hillsdale our new class clown.

Little sisters of the poor or just hiding their curlers?

Number 23 just got his bell rung.

Annamarie Winiecki, nice to see you again.

Dwayne Stafford & last Walleye of the season.

Jack Meyer and he doesn't look a day over 30.

Ted Edstedt calling-not so shy afterall.

The Pep Band 55 years later.

Barb is just hanging around.

Duane Thompson getting ready for a dip in Long Lake.