Now that's how we hide curlers.

Michele Kendall still has her big smile.

Mickey & Minnie Norbeck

Number 23 just got his bell rung.

Type your paragraph here.

Stanley Trelstad attempting to do a selfie.

Marlene Hillsdale our new class clown.

Barb is just hanging around.

John McClure - class bowling champ.

Delores says how do I get back home?

The Pep Band 55 years later.

Ron & Faith Goodroad

Little sisters of the poor or just hiding their curlers?

Annamarie Winiecki, nice to see you again.

Ted Edstedt calling-not so shy afterall.

John Baumhofer getting ready for the 60 year reunion.

Nice hat Mickey.

Twlia, what are you doing?

Duane Thompson getting ready for a dip in Long Lake.

Dwayne Stafford & last Walleye of the season.

John Paron just in from Havanna w/o his cigars..

Jack Meyer and he doesn't look a day over 30.

John Koonce & Kermit